Book Sculptures & Paper Art

For me as an artist I wonder from project to project, medium to medium but I always come back to book sculpting.  The reason is because no two books turn out the same, also I love the fact I have no idea how these will turn out until they are finished.

The Victorian London Underworld Book.

I wanted to make this look like a old Victorian London streets.  With some books I like to leave the images where they appear inside the book and sometimes I like to manipulate the images to create a story with in the book.  This is what I have done with The Victorian Underworld Book.  This book is from 1970’s, I flicked through to see what images were inside and look for a starting point to build my story around.



I have selected various images throughout the book that I want to use and begin to start cutting down through the pages to create different levels.  When constructing sculptures I only have a rough I idea of how I want to make it look and the whole sculpture develops as the book is carved.

The book has now been carved, when working through it I wanted to give the concept of a small narrow crowed London St.

The Book now just needs stabilising and varnishing.



April 2018

Broken fairy tale book.

W.I.P – ( work in progress)

Book Sculptures like any kind of sculpture an artist may do takes quite some time.  I create all my book sculptures by hand, cutting one page at a time to reveal the images as I go.  Some time the images fall in the perfect place and some times I need to move them around.  I currently have two W.I.P’s.

These 2 books are an experiment as I have never tried to curve a books before.

This first book was damaged, pages missing, spine broken.  I was just going to use the pages for biro art but wondered what I could actually do with it.

Which led me to see what I could do with a complete curve.  I haven’t given up on this one but I haven’t progressed very far as there is a lack of images appearing.  It may require quite a lot of manipulation.


I am available for commissions on books, if you have a certain kind of book that you would like to see turned into a book sculpture then please send us a message and we can discuss your requirements.