Unusual Cross Stitch

I have been playing with the concepts of stitching through solid objects.  I have only created a few pieces so far but will become a on going project.

Cross Stitched Koi
This cymbal had been thrown in a skip, It took me a while to decide what I was going to stitch into it but eventually a Koi underwater seemed like a good way to go.
The Plastic Tattoo
Close up of the cross stitch plastic tattoo torso. Penny to show comparison for stitch size.
The Plastic Tattoo
The Plastic Tattoo. Over 60 hrs work went into this piece. The cross stitching goes through the plastic torso.
Tattoo Blue bird on a 7 inch 78 vinyl disc. Practice piece.
Musical Blooms in the Barnfield College Obfuscation Exhibition 2017
Musical Blooms at the Myst and Mystery Exhibition, The Workhouse Dunstable
cross stitched disc
Hand stitched vinyl record
Musical Blooms Cross Stitched Record
Side View of Musical Blooms
sam portrait
Tennis Racket Wool Portrait

Hand embroidered tea bags.