cross stitched metal

Work in Progress

8th Nov 2018

Update time, I have been a busy girl as I have now started Uni, doing a degree in Art & Design, but here is a update for the Cross stitched cymbal. IMG_3706

W.I.P – ( work in progress)

1st Aug 2018

So I have been working hard producing art for craft markets and galleries so I have not really been working much on my main art work but here is a running update.  The book shop and the two previous book sculptures have been put to one side for a while as I have run out of steam on them but will pick them back up in the future.  But I have a couple of other projects to up date you on.

First is the cross stitched cymbal.

Secondly I have been working on another book sculpture

Finshed cut
Finished cut, now for the gluing

First entry

Koi Fish Cross Stitched into a drum cymbal.

I am hoping to enter the koi cross stitch into a few exhibitions along side musical blooms.

I am currently working on multiply project here are a few of them.


Book Shop Book

book shop book

Book Sculptures like any kind of sculpture an artist may do takes quite some time.  I create all my book sculptures by hand, cutting one page at a time to reveal the images as I go.  Some time the images fall in the perfect place and some times I need to move them around.

Fairy Tale Book, Curved.