Work In Progress

Working on a few new ideas, playing with used teabag and bits to see what i can come up with.

Shal Mines Artist.

Who Killed the Stage Hand Diorama Book Sculpture

So when I attended college at the ripe old age of 47 to take up Art and Design with the possibility of becoming a professional one day I never thought about doing a blog.  Its all the rage they said, everybody is doing it. (gulp)  Then we had this nice guy come in for a 1 day workshop called Jamie Chalmers AKA Mr Cross stitch (

I found his workshop massively helpful as even though the main body of his workshop is about cross stitch, he gave some very helpful advice about all that internet shenanigans.  “When you write your first blog, it will be rubbish and so will the second and maybe the first 10 or so, but don’t worry, just write what ever and get it all out of your system”.  He’s wright I have not a clue on what to write, so here is my first pile of drivel……..I mean blog.

I am a want to be artist with a passion for the unusual, curiosity, and just plain weird kinds of art.  My passion is not to express mine or other peoples pain, its not even to make my art a talking point.  My art is about taking the viewer back to that child like moment of wonder and discovery, of how did they do that, OMG look at that.  Just pure joy and amazement at what they are seeing.  Here are a few of my pieces, I have a portfolio online, I hope you enjoy.  (phew first blog wasn’t so bad was it.)