Obfuscation, Curiosity and Up Cycled art

  1. the action of making something obscure, unclear, or unintelligible.
  2. “when confronted with sharp questions they resort to obfuscation

So why on earth would I want to make art that is unclear or unintelligible………..well I do and I don’t.  I do because I want to get people talking about an art piece, well that is the point isn’t it?  But I aim more for the obscure part of that word …….Obfuscation.

koi cross fish

  Currently work in progress, Koi fish cross stitched into a cymbal

I have always had a fascination with weird and wonderful items.  When I was a kid, you know pre computers and pre internet and with the dinosaurs still wondering around, when the whole world was just outside your door and you only knew what was going on else where when you looked at the news or went to the library, I found it very hard to find things that grabbed my attention but when I did find a little curio or strange little wonderment I would grab it with both hands and never let go, but now with all the technology we have I can find all these weird and wonderful items to see right in your hand.  But I now find that kind of removes the wonderment for me.  Don’t get me wrong I would not have it any other way now, I want that access, but I am kind of starting to see the same curios, weird things that I have seen before and nothing seems new.  This aspect makes me sad but does drives my art work as well.  A few years ago when I went back to college I begin to play about with these kinds of idea, creating new obscurities from ideas that people would not think of and since discovering that I have Aphnatasia It has made me realise this influences my art work even more.

IMG_2241 (1)

I love the concept of smashing two juxtaposing items together.  I had already been playing about with book sculptures / carvings   but it was time to start progressing. This was one of my first attempts  Musical Blooms

Mr x stitch featured it on his Instagram page last year and it blew me away how many likes I got for it. https://www.instagram.com/mrxstitch/?hl=en

So this one got me wondering what else I could do and I began looking into to other artists to see if other people were doing the kinds of art I love doing. But the other question is would people buy this kind of art from me.  See every one in a normal two up two down do not have much space so will aim for art works that do not take up too much space. You know sits flat against the wall.  But then I found artists like:

severija incirauskaite-kriauneviciene

Dustin Yellin

Joseph Cornell

So then it made me think well sod it, obfuscation, curiosities, weird item, strange, wonderful and unusual art works are what get my creative juices flowing.  But it brings me back to the unclear and unintelligible bit.  Its been a debate that has gone on between me and a few of my tutors.  Does art have to mean anything, does it have to be clear, does it need to be intelligible? ……..Well that’s a can of worms right there.  Personally I don’t think it does.  For me art is something that makes you wonder, makes you look, makes you think and talk about it, the art piece is what ever the view thinks it is. But the establishment also says that art is for those purposes as well, but there must be a meaning behind the pieces created.  If I want to get to the heights of  the greats then my art needs to have a meaning of why it was created.  Which I understand if you have a chicken with two shoes tied to a frying pan.

cog and sequine skull  Cog and sequine skull which now lives with Ripley’s Believe it or Not!
sam portrait Tennis Racket Wool Portrait

But I want my art to just be, is there a right or wrong, to be a successful artist do you have to follow those ridged rule to get to the heights that we all dream of sometimes.  Can’t art just be about you look at it you loved it so you wanted to own it.    Well I will leave that conversation for another blog maybe.

In the mean time I will take my lack of visual imagination and carry on smashing ideas together and enjoy myself making weird and wonderful things.

To see more of the kinds of art I produce please visit me at http://www.shalmines.com


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