At the grand old age of 48 I started Uni

Its been a funny few years for me, I have chronic illness, I had lost my voice for over 2 1/2 years, Got discriminated against in the place I worked because of it, left work, went to college, still couldn’t get my voice back and then took the decision January this year to try to go to Uni at the age of 48.  Age isn’t a barrier and I certainly don’t let it stop me but there is something that strikes a fear of God into to you when your going back to education when your older than some of your tutors.   But while I was waiting the 8 months before I started I set myself up as self employed,  started my website and tried to earn a living.  That is not as easy as you think or hope either, but I just could not wait to start my degree in Art and Design. So with the self employed closed down,its November, I am 7 weeks in and after getting past the initial horror of attending Freshers Week I am thoroughly enjoying it.

When I say horror it was not that bad, just annoying when someone thought I was one of the tutors.  You do feel massively out of place when there is no other students your age and you don’t have the ability to chat  because you have no vocals at all.  I admit for the first two weeks I did stress and wondered what the hell have I signed myself up for, for the next few years and was it going to be worth the heap of debt I was putting myself into to do it.  But I have made new friend and started learning new things.

I am or like to think I am quite diverse as and artist anyway but I chose this course to improve my design aspect and skills.   So this week I have been playing with Photoshop.  I only really know the basics………..very very basics.  But I have been playing about trying to create something for subject Distopia.  I found two images on the internet, the background to Max Headroom and someones beautiful Mona Lisa doing the Scream.   The image is on Pintrest but I cant find the artist, so I anyone does know please let me know so I can credit them.

Any how here are my first trying to create and play with Photoshop.  Enjoy and please feel free to leave me some feedback if you wish.


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