Embroidered Gas Mask

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I am on my final year of my degree, my FMP………do I really know what I want to do……not really, so I find myself turning to my blog to start noting what I will be doing this year.  For the first 6 weeks I have messed about with experiments, playing with plastic, playing with books but sat in my house was an old gas mask that my son left behind after going to Uni himself.  Not the most glamours thing, but it got me thinking, what about clashing some ideas together.


I thought about embroidering flowers on it first as its the kind of thing I have done before.  But then I started to give the mask a story, who wore it, where may they have possibly have been while wearing it.  No one will ever know the history of this mask.  Then I saw a black and white image of Dandelion clocks.  As children we wish when we blow the clocks, could someone be wishing to be home.

I didn’t know if this mask would take me pushing a needle through it, so I practised on a spare piece of rubber to see what would happen.  Using a thin needle it seemed to work ok.

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This is still a work in progress, the stitching has been finished.  The head is going to be mounted upon a battered 1930’s copy of All quite on the Western Front.  Watch this space for the finished work.