New Book Art for Sale

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Now available for purchase are a series of hand cut book sculptures / carvings.  The books can take anything from a few hours to 40 hrs to make.  Each one has  been cut by hand with a scalpel, page by page to create the story inside or give a altered version of what is happening in the book.  All image are the original images contained in the book.

Each book is a bespoke creation, with no two books being alike.


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So, what can you make with a used tea bag?

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I have been messing about and experimenting with the concept of up cycling and re purposing for the last few years now, normally favouring book sculptures/ carving. But while at Uni on my 1st year I wanted to expand my idea and find out what I can do with something seeming impossible to use.  I wondered what else I could do with a tea bag.  Now previously I done a self portrait on tea bag so I knew I could draw on them, I had also stitched cup cakes into them, but the down side I personally find with Up cycling projects is they can come off as very crafty rather than works of art.

There are artist who successfully uses tea bags in their practice. Ruby Silvious being the most well known one I feel with her miniature portraits and still life paintings on individual bags and Kimonos constructed from vast amounts of used bags as well.

So once used, you have a thin wet membrane that with not much effort tears what do you do with it, well they are more robust that you may think once they are dry again.  So for this project I created two hopefully different works of art with tea bags that do not look like craft projects.

The first being a tea bag parasol,

The Second I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and do something totally different.  Connecting the tea bags in both objects to the image its self. Using a large canvas water coloured tea bags were attached and using charcoal, chalk and acrylics the image was drawn onto the bags.  ( this is for sale contact via web page)

IMG_1850 I love the parasol but is has now met its end and has been destroyed, but the canvas remains.  Will I ever use tea bags again for art works? I might but until inspiration strikes its back to the book sculptures.

The Aphantasia Artist- creating with no visual imagination.

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Aphantasia is the suggested name for a condition where one does not possess a functioning mind’s eye and cannot visualize imagery.[1] The phenomenon was first described by Francis Galton in 1880,[2] but has remained largely unstudied since. Interest in the phenomenon renewed after the publication of a study conducted by a team led by Prof. Adam Zeman of the University of Exeter,[3] which also coined the term aphantasia.[4] Research on the subject is still scarce, but further studies are planned.

So until last year I knew nothing about this, and when I say I knew nothing I mean never hear of it, didn’t know it was even a thing and never realised people saw images in their mind…………..well my mind got well and truly blown. How the heck could I be an artist and not have the slightest clue. All those terms and expressions mean all the same thing to me as anyone else, you know the ones, paint a image in your mind, can you imagine that, i cant un see that, oh can see their face now. I discovered at the grand old age of 47 that I had a blind mind eye. I discovered this after going through some brain working recursive therapy for muscle tension dysphona and found I got frustrated when the therapist kept asking what I saw in relation to certain questions.

So I within a couple of weeks I discovered Aphantasia, it had a title and I began to understand what it was all about………and then i felt totally robbed. People see things in their mind…….while there awake? WTF? How?

Now I do dream when I sleep, I can only think that its a different part of the brain that preforms that function. But if you ask me to imagine a blue gorilla with a pink banana walking down the high street………nothing, not a thing, nada. But it then got me thinking what other things will this effect. Well I wont suffer from PTSD flash backs. I don’t relive that horror film that made everyone squirm. I can’t describe someones face, because I can’t re see it, I don’t remember directions, I tend to mentally remind myself what shops I have been past. I can watch the same film or read the same book a few months later and don’t remember the plot. When reading I don’t like descriptive text because I can’t imagine it. But that thing people tell you when going to a job interview, to imagine everyone naked, yeah kind of glad i can’t do that one; and one person via a post went I feel for you, you don’t have a wank bank………😮😮😮😮😮😮. I don’t want to know.

I can’t have a memory palace, my spelling is terrible as I can’t visualise the word to work it out. Unless I look at photos I don’t always recall memories that most people can and would. But I am not sad, I have never known any different, and as for that gorilla and everything else I can think about it as much as you like, I can remember it forever if I commit it to memory but alas never ever see it.

So fast forward to now, I always knew I was wired up different to everyone else, I didn’t know why but just knew. See I have always been into the art and always struggled to get ideas and concepts on to paper but creating something out of a pile of nothing placed in front of me was a piece of cake. So even though i don’t see things in my mind doesn’t mean I can’t be creative. If anything I think it actually helps, I can come up with concepts and idea and even though I can not get it on to paper I just make them straight off the bat.

And I am happy to stay that way……….beside I i started seeing things now I would think I was hallucinating 😁