Works are created using various media from found object, obsolete items, remnants, books and various kinds of paper.


Portraits are normally produced upon unusual media forms ie:   dress patterns, book pages, newspapers, maps , wood , vintage paper, etc.  On which they are mounted on canvas or framed as is depending up the work produced.  All that is needed is a high resolution clear image with the person preferable in a posed position.  More details are discussed via consultations.

Book Sculptures:

Most books can be turned into a book sculpture.  There is a preference to using old worn, mass produced books and books that are more illustrations than photography.  You can choose any subject you like.  Book Sculptures are completely random and other than the subject matter, how it looks when it is finished will be unknown until completed.  Certain conditions can be met  but must be discussed and placed in the contract when placing a commission.


Consultations are normally conducted via email through this site. Consultations are normally conducted by text, email, messenger etc.  You can also contact us via contact box at the bottom of the page or via Facebook or Instagram


With all consultations a contract will be draw up and then sent to the prospective client for their agreement. Once contract is agreed upon by both parties the contract will need to be signed by both parties.

50% of costs will be expected up front and non returnable, time scale will be agreed upon ,then the other 50% is payable on completion but before delivery. Once payment has been received, art will will be delivered.  This will all be stated in the contract when contract is drawn up.

Testimonials :

I originally saw Shal’s work on Instagram on @mrxstitch’s account. I went to her account and her work absolutely blew me away, she’s talented in so many mediums! I decided I better invest in one of her pieces right away. Shal is so professional and easy to work with and my Edith Head piece is beautiful. It’s in my workshop above my sewing machine so I can look at it everyday.

Lori Herbst.

Please view the Portfolio for examples of work.

Commission Contact Form

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