Unusual Cross Stitch Art

Musical Blooms Cross Stitched Vinyl

rose disc 1

Hand Stitched 78 Vinyl Disc

Musical Blooms

Hand Stitched 78 vinyl disc


Angle view of Cross stitched disc

This vinyl took over 30 hrs to create and is a 78, 12 inch vinyl disc.  The wreath is cross stitched directly through the vinyl disc and mounted in a shadow box.

Musical Blooms Framed Vinyl

Cross Stitched Vinyl Disc with frame is 39 cm x 39 cm x D. 5 cms Free Shipping



The Plastic Tattoo


The plastic tattoo

The Plastic Tattoo

Took over 60 hrs to make, the cross stitched tattoo is stitched directly through the plastic torso.

Plastic Tattoo

Cross stitched plastic torso. Size : L. 70 cm x W. 40 cm. Size of the tattoo L. 29 cm x 14 cm. Free Shipping