Cymbal Koi or Cross stitching into metal.

So this is just a follow up blog about a previous work shown in this blog. obfuscation, curiosity and up cycled art.

I have stitched into a few solid objects as on going projects and have been getting a great reaction to them.  My current one I have entered into Ripley’s Believe it or Not Unconventional Art Competition in conjunction with Deviant Art.

This one project has been a bit of a funny one for me.  I am continuously looking for object that are old, broken, obsolete etc to do something different with and give the object a new use in life.  So earlier this year when I was in my final month of college and pondering what I was going to do next while gazing out of the window; the music dept were chucking old broken equipment into a skip and I noticed they were throwing cymbals like Frisbee’s in there too; to then see my tutor running out to salvage some of it to be used in art classes, she grabbed me one of the said cymbals.


Now this cymbal has been rocking around the house for approx 8 months and I still did not really have any bright ideas for it  but eventually decided to try doing a Koi, thought it might be cool, so when you look at a cymbal in its normal position, set on it’s stand, it would be like looking down into the water to see the fish with the lines of the cymbal looking as if they were water ripples.   Now with the joys of Aphantasia  I never really know how things will turn out, blessing and a curse when it comes to anything art related, I began to figure it out. First of all I found a photo of a Koi fish and went about using a online application for turning photos into cross stitch pattern.


I am sure other artist are the same but I do have moments of doubt when I have finished something, stand there and analyse it, drive myself up the wall and end up walking away and then looking at it later and thinking…. well………..

So then came along good old Ripley’s.  Approx 3 yrs ago Ripley’s Believe it or not hosted a Rip-cycle for up cycled art.  I had a such piece of art that would fit the criteria it was also another piece I had um….& arhhhh….and well may be’s.  It’s this one…..

cog and sequine skull
Cog and sequin skull which now lives with Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

I finally came 4th.  Now I am a huge fan of Ripley’s and its always been a pipe dream for them to own one of my art pieces and now they do.

A few years later they are doing a new one called the Unconventional Art Competition,  So time to try again.  The final result are not in yet but I have made it to the top 25 with my Koi Cymbal.

So now its just fingers crossed time 🙂

To see the semi finalist click the link below.

Ripley’s Unconventional Art Comp in Conjunction with Deviant Art